Reign of Nintendo

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Shea Peck
English 101

The Reign of the Nintendo

The Nintendo Company has been around for over 120 years. It started out as a company making homemade hanafuda cards and grew into one of the most well-known video game company's. Over the years Nintendo has gotten some competitors and has beaten them all out. There is also talk that Nintendo is slowly fading away to be replace by company like Sony and Microsoft in the gaming industry.

Nintendo started in 1889 as a card game company. Though its life time went through many changes in what they produced. Ranging from cards to vacuum cleaners, Nintendo made many products and name changes eventually stopping at toys. Being over shadowed my company's like Bandai; they reached a point where they were massively in debt. That is when they started to develop electronic toys, a big turning point in the 1970's. In 1981 they released the world famous Donky Kong and brought in a new generation of entertainment. For most endeavors this was the most risky attempting to enter the fast pased world of entertainment gaming. At that moment the company of Nintendo came to it's current glory.

Nintendo has had many competitors over the years starting with Atari and Calico. In 1985 they took the rapidly failing game market by storm releasing the Nintendo Entertainment System along with 15 other games sold separately. By 1987 they have released 20 games including Metroid and Super Mario Brothers, and completed the annihilation of the Atari with the release of The Legend of Zelda. In 1996 there was the release of the Nintendo 64 which was almost out shown by Sony's Play Station released in the same year due to the lack of title available at the time. Less than 6 months later they released 15 games knocking Sony out of the water with their massive fan base. The climb didn't stop there. Not only where they releasing television counsels the where domination the hand held world with the release of the game boy. From 1994 to...
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