History of Nintendo

Topics: Nintendo, Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo Entertainment System Pages: 2 (521 words) Published: October 13, 2010
Case study on Nintendo
This case study I am about to present will be aimed at the company of Nintendo Ltd. where I will be focusing on the areas of history followed up with a short informative SWOT analysis. Nintendo’s founder was a Japanese man called Fusajiro Yamauchi who set up the company in 1889 in Kyoto, Japan under the name of “Nintendo Koppai”. It was established for the production of Hanafuda which were a type of handmade playing cards. These cards were of great quality as they were made out of the bark from mulberry trees which made them a huge hit in Japan and started Nintendo’s road to success. Yamauchi didn’t have an heir to his company and so adopted his son-in-law Sekiryo Kaneda who headed the company in 1929 when Yamauchi retired. Sekiryo thought like his father-in-law and adopted a son-in-law himself called Hiroshi who took over the company when Sekiryo passed away! Nintendo’s popularity kept growing and eventually they started to dominate the playing card industry and in 1959 Hiroshi made a deal with Disney to put the ever so popular Disney characters onto their playing cards. This led their sales to sky rocket turning Nintendo playing card Company into a monopoly in the playing card industry. Soon enough the company was renamed Nintendo Company Ltd in 1963. The newly renamed Nintendo Company Ltd believed that they were ready to enter into different markets such as setting up a cab company, a love hotel, a TV network and selling instant noodles but these all eventually failed. After all of Nintendo’s bad luck they had a breakthrough in the toy market due to an engineer named Gunpei Yokoi who created many popular toys one been the “Ultra Hand” which was a mechanical extending arm which became an instant success. With Nintendo’s boost in confidence they decided to take the next step and jump into the gaming industry by setting up coined operated video games which were a great hit with the younger generation. This was nothing compared to the...
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