Assignment 1

Topics: Teacher, Lesson plan, Education Pages: 5 (1953 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Question 1: Give examples of how you would plan activities.
I would plan activities by making sure that they are suitable to the children’s needs. It should be something that interests them so that they do not get bored. I would make sure that the activities are linked to the curriculum. It is important that the activities are about what they are being taught so that they do not get confused. I would make the activities slightly challenging so that they can develop and to push the brain. While the children are doing the activities, I would observe and access them which would then help me to plan activities for the children in the future. When planning activities, I would take into consideration any difficulties which the children may have. If I notice that a child is finding the activity particularly easy, I would make sure that I have another activity for them, which will push them more. I would make sure that the activities build on what the children already know. I should make sure that the activity involves everyone and that no one is left out. It is important to know what the activities are so that I can do any necessary preparation before doing the activity with the children. I should evaluate the plan so that the class teacher knows whether the activity went well or not and whether they should do the lesson again another time. I should make sure that I speak to the teacher at the beginning of the day, to discuss what the learning objectives are and the level of support which the children will need. Question 2: Describe your role in delivering learning activities. I should make sure that I have a detailed lesson plan with me so that I know what the learning objectives are and what the children should be doing. It would enable me to use the time more effectively so that I am able to have a longer time doing the activities with the children. I should evaluate the lesson plans because it will them help me to know if the children enjoyed it and if I should do it again. I would make sure that I know what the children’s abilities are before starting the activity so I know which children may need some extra support or help. If I am working with any SEN children, I would make sure that I have information about them such as their Individual Education Plans or Behaviour Support Plans. While delivering the activity, the class teacher may ask me to make individual or group assessments of the children’s learning and progression. I should follow the same strategies as the teacher because if I start to use different strategies when delivering an activity, it may confuse the children. I should know what support each child in the group may need, so that when they do need some support, I can help them straight away. I should interact with the children which will keep their attention on the work. I can do this by asking them questions such as ‘What could you do if…’. I should observe the children’s responses and write down anything which I think the class teacher should know. I should select and use learning materials when working with an individual child or a small group as this will help the children to understand what to do.

Question 3: Make a list of the things expected from you as part of your role in supporting an individual pupil or group of pupils. I should encourage independence as this will help the children to become more confidence and enable them to do things on their own in the future. I should do this by getting them to try and complete the work on their own and getting them to ask if they need some help. I should listen to the children when they are talking to me as they may want me to help them. If I listen to the children, then they are more likely to listen to me when I talk to them. If the child asks for some help, then I should give them some support and help with their work to make sure that they understand what they are doing. I should give the children praise and rewards as this will help them to become...
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