Unit 5 Perd - Level 3 Childcare and Education

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  • Published : May 9, 2013
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Unit 5 task 1
While at placement if I didn’t know what to do then the teacher would tell me to sit with a certain group who probably needed help doing the work, so I sat with a group during a writing activity and guided them through the activity, answering any questions which they may have and helping them do their work. I didn’t tell them the answer I just guided them, reminding them about full stops and capital letters. (p5.1 p5.2) During another writing lesson I was with a different set of children which had to do a writing assessment so I couldn’t help them. They had to write their own version of little red riding hood. The only thing which we could remind them off is to use their story maps/plans to help them write the story. At the end of the lesson while the children were out on lunch I had to feedback from an observation which I done of the group of children to see who found it easy to get straight into the activity using their story plans and who didn’t. (p5.1 p5.3) I provided feedback to the teacher by verbally telling her and by filling in a sheet of the children I worked with to say how well I thought they did, if they needed a lot of help, if they focused easily or not, if they used their plans to write their story. (p5.3) For the activity where I could help the children If I had to do the activity again I would make sure I explained it again clearly to all of the children, instead of letting one child ask a question then a few minutes later repeating the answer to another child.
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