Asda Analysis

Topics: Tesco, Sainsbury's, Asda Pages: 10 (3149 words) Published: December 31, 2012

List of contents
1. Introduction
2. Annotated Bibliography
3. Finding and analysis
3.1. PEST analysis
3.2 Porter’ five force
3.3 Competitor Analysis
4. Conclusion
5. Reference

1. Introduction
The assignment mainly focus on the analysis of UK food retailing sector. Firstly, the essay wills summary and comment on quality and the reliable of 12 different sources. It then analyse the UK Food retailing sector by 3 different analysis form called, the PEST analysis, the Porters’ 5 forces analysis and the competitors’ analysis. 2. Annotated Bibliography

* 1. Porter, M.E. (1979) How Competitive Forces Shape Strategy, Harvard Business Review, March/April 1979. Summary and Comment: The article introduce the competitive forces shape strategy. Generally, it explains about the 5 forces, which affect to a new firm or existing firm of any business sector. Mr. Porter, who is a specialist in industrial economics and business strategy, wrote the analysis form. This is one of the reliable sources, because it is one of the Harvard Business review Magazine.

* Ellie (August 2011) 5 Retail Forces | Blog Retail Assist. 2012. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 20 October 2012]. Summary and Comment: This note is a personal 5 retail forces analysis of supermarket retail in the UK of a person called, Ellie. The note just mention the idea for each force, but they are not really detail. It did not give the example or explanation for the forces, which it gives. However, it helps to have some idea to write about in the Porter 5 forces analysis. The note was post on “”, so it is not really a source trustable.

* Mintel retail research (November 2011) Food Retailing - UK Executive Summary (Online) Available from: (Accessed 22 October 2012) Summary and Comment: This report is written by a highly trust company in the UK ( MINTEL). The report give the general idea about the situation of food retaling in the UK for 5 year and finish in 2011 also forcaste sale until 2016. It contains the information for customer profile, The affect of reccesion to the aspect, different brands, their share in the market and their strategies now and in the future. The information about different brand can be use for competitor Analysis in the essay. It is a highly trust source.

* Mintel retail research (November 2011) Issue in the Market (Online) Available from: (Accessed 22 October 2012) Comment: This report is written by a highly trust company in the UK ( MINTEL). The report point out many issues of the market such as size of the store in the future, which tend to be smaller. Also, the trust need to be build and also about the benefit of loyality customers. This source is reliable, the information of the report can be use for PEST analysis as the part of Economical factor and social factor.

* Mintel retail research (November 2011) Infographic Overview of Food retailing (Online) Available from: (Accessed 22 October 2012) * Summary and Comment: This is another kind of UK food retailing report from MINTEL website. It presents the report by graphic. This way of presentation is very easy to understand. The graphic contains the share of large firm in the industry, the satisfaction of customers with different brand, and also the information about habit of each brand’s customers. It is very helpful for the competitor analysis. Mintel is a reliable source on the Internet.

* Porter's Five Forces - Problem Solving Techniques from 2012.[ONLINE] Available from [Accessed 22 October 2012]....
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