As a Manager, Would You Rather Supervise a Work Group with a High Level of Diversity, or One That Was Composed of Members Quite Similar to One Another? Justify Your Answer.

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As a manager, would you rather supervise a work group with a high level of diversity, or one that was composed of members quite similar to one another? Justify your answer.

Everyone is different; there is not a single person in the world that is identical to another person, not even twins. People will have different reaction and make different decision when come to face a crisis or under pressure. Diversity at work can include demographic differences between people in the organisation, functional or educational background (Knippenberg & Schippers 2007). This essay is to decide for a manager to supervise which group of staffs by comparing the benefits and negative effects of a work place that is having a high level of diversity and one that was composed of members quite similar to one another.

Diversity at work
As a result of globalisation, many people are working far from their origins (Macmillan 2011). Organisations nowadays have a bigger diversity of staffs. People from difference age groups, gender, marital status, ability, ethnicity, educational background are now working under the same roof. Because they are coming from different background, they can provide innovative ideas to improve the internal working environment as well as externally. Innovative ideas are very important for businesses such as hospitality organisation and information technology. For hospitality business, their target customers are from all around the world with different expectation and requirement. By having a great diversity of staff, they can help to contribute different ideas to entertain the needs of customer and gain guest satisfaction. However, as the staffs’ ability is not the same, some of the company might be hard to carry out and standardize the procedure. In addition to contribute innovative ideas to the organisation, by having minorities and physically challenged staff can have positive image to the company as a responsible business (Bredgaard 2004).

Similarity at work
Although every individual are different, there are similar traits share by people with similar background whom will also share similar ideas. When a group of staffs share similarity, when there is new policy from the company, if it can work for one of the staffs, it is most likely work for others too who share the similar characteristics. When employees are on the same track, it will increase the effectiveness of job done and productivity (Barrick, Stewart, Neubert and Mount 1998). However, because the share similar background and have similar ideas, when the time comes to brainstorm for new ideas for changes, there will not be a big variety, ideas will be limited; but it will increase the productivity especially when it comes to work that require mechanic patterns .

Diversity vs. Similarity
As a manager, there are different pros and cons to supervise a group of high diversity and a group share similarity. To supervise a group with high level of diversity, as they come with different age group, marital status, gender, cultural background, ethnicity, and some of them maybe physically challenged, they will have different priorities in their lives, different point of view and perspectives when looking at the same matter. It works best for organisation which need innovative ideas such as information technology, hospitality and products development. Take hospitality industry as an example, a physically challenged staffs can contribute ideas of how to add features to a hotel to make it more accessible for people with disability; a parented-person can point out designs which have potential hazards to children; an Indian staff can educate other staffs to know shaking heads mean “yes” or “ok” in their culture. Diversity of staffs can contribute different idea when it comes the time for brainstorming. A wider diversity should result in a more creative and higher quality decisions (McLeod, Lobel & Cox 1996). However, as all the staffs are haven't...
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