Article Review Bearing the Smoke

Topics: Cohort study, Nature versus nurture, Sociology Pages: 2 (473 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Bearing the Smoke

It’s wonderful to see how two very distinct individuals, meaning different culture, have so much passion for Africa. Taking their time to plan, travel and even learn 50 words of that tribe/group before they entered. Ten years of documenting, traveling and living with these groups must have become their only priority. I find grace and true selflessness in how Beckwith and Fisher would help these villages with the concept as stated in the article: “And our goal wasn’t to give them something that would depend on us to maintain but, rather, to help them with something that they could have for themselves, totally apart from us.” The ceremonies which stand out to Beckwith and Fisher from their travel are amazing, I believe we have to realize we live in a society (U.S) that is very individualist, and these villages work together in everything, teaching each other and hopefully passing on the culture. Discussion Questions:

What country would you choose, if you were able to do this project? What would you change is you were doing this project?
Do you have and traditional ceremonies or rituals in your culture? What do you think about the Muslims and shielding their women (allowed only one picture to be taken of the girl)?

Cindy Alas
PSY 230 001A

Why your DNA isn’t your Destiny
This article supports the question; which has more impact, nature or nurture? Neither is more than the other to me, both seems to be intertwined extensively. I was also reading on the Dutch Famine Birth Cohort Study, pregnant mothers during the famine experienced high stress levels throughout the pregnancy resulting with offspring now in adulthood, with lower life expectancy and higher incidences of chronic diseases compared to offspring before or after the famine. Studies like these can help us give importance to ensuring our citizens and especially children be well fed, because in the long run generations to come will suffer. We see the increase of medical...
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