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Topics: Nature versus nurture, Genetics, Homosexuality Pages: 5 (1304 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Nature vs. Nurture
Kristi Dunn
Western Governors University

Nature vs Nurture are studies that have been going on for years within the scientific community to explain multiple issues. Some studies will suggest that nature makes us who who are, meaning genetic factors are the major contributor of being who we are. These include what personality traits, intelligence, and emotional characteristics we will inherit from our parents. Thus, these studies ultimately state we are genetically predisposed in deciding who we become. On the other side of the debate is the nurture studies, meaning environmental factors are the major contributors to shaping us into who we are or become. This include your upbringing, your lifestyle, home environment and the way someone was interacted with, taught or treated as a young child.

One generalized controversial example of the nature vs. nurture debate, and how each side believes, is explained by Starr Kang, “according to someone who believes nature determines behavior, although a child may have had wonderful life experiences and a stellar upbringing, if he is genetically predisposed to violent behavior, no amount of good parenting can alter that.”(Kang, n.d.)

In contrast, Starr Kang explains what proponents on the other side of this debate believe. “Children raised in healthy, positive environments are more likely to grow into productive successful adults than children raised in negative, threatening environments. Thus, people's behavior is a reflection of how they were raised and the situations they experienced in life, not the result of inherited traits.” (Kang, n.d.)

One current study on nature vs nurture is being done on obesity. On the nature side of the debate is whether or not genetics play a role in obesity rates. On the other side are those who believe we are not genetically pre-dispositioned to be overweight, rather it's our environmental influences that cause some to be obese.

A study done by the website obesity 101, was based on subjects who are twins and separated at birth, or people who have been adopted, it states, “Twin and adopted studies indicate that there is a strong genetic basis for obesity. Studies on large populations of adopted children show that there is no relationship between body weight and adoptive parents, but a close correlation with biological parents. Studies on monozygotic (identical) twins show a much stronger correlation in body weight than between other siblings or dizygotic (fraternal) twins. Researchers vary in their opinion on the weight genetics plays in energy regulation, but genetic factors can account for as much as 80 percent.” (What is Obesity, n.d.)

In contrast, those on the nurture side of the debate blame obesity on environmental factors, such as a poor diet and lack of exercise, and even blame a modern world where portion sizes are larger, more people using cars rather than walk, and an environment where humans no longer have to hunt and gather. Another study on the website obesity 101 claims, “A meta analysis of twin and adopted studies found that the familial correlation of obesity and genetics was between 20 and 80 percent. Twin studies showed a 50 to 90 percent correlation, adoption studies 20 to 60 percent. A recent adoptee study showed that genetic influence on BMI was unaffected by various environmental conditions associated with obesity.” (What is Obesity, n.d.)

The similarity between the studies is often ill defined. However, one thing most experts agree on is that weight can be controlled whether or not someone is genetically inclined or their obesity is related to environment. The website fitness 4ward.com, states, “Regardless of any conditions that may make someone predisposed to weight gain, with enough work, many are able to maintain control of their weight. In fact, research has found that even individuals with the fat gene are given the upper hand against obesity if...
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