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  • Published : December 15, 2012
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Programming Solution Proposal Paper
Lanny Ross
University of Phoenix
Mr Richard Guirguis
December 4, 2012

Programming Solution Proposal Paper

This paper will describe the process for an idea that my company is attempting to incorporate into our daily operations. The Maryland Public Service Commission is an agency that regulates utility companies to make sure that they are following the guidelines listed under COMAR, which is an acronym for the “Code of Maryland Regulations” ( 2012). These companies must follow the proper procedures before denying service to a customer or turning the customer’s service off for nonpayment.

Some customers encounter financial difficulties that hinder their ability to pay the utility companies for services rendered. Many of these customers have children or may be disabled or dealing with a physical challenge that requires the use of electrical equipment. The problem that must be solved is; how do we make it possible for a customer to retain utility services while satisfying the companies that provide the service? Customers should not have to live in their homes without heat, electricity and other essential needs for survival.

What we are proposing is a database called Fast Track which will be created and maintained by our I.T. staff. This database will be designed to take pertinent information from each customer which will be forwarded to the utility company for review. We will also need a small staff (roughly 4-8 people) to assist customers via phone by using this new database. The Fast Track system will be used only when a customer receives a turn-off notice, needs a payment plan, a payment extension or the service has already been turned off. Should the customer have a concern of a different nature, we will continue to require the customer to submit a written complaint which will be handled by a case specialist.

The process of solving the turn-off notices that each customer receives will be...
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