Array Structure Paper

Topics: Telephone, Computer programming, Telephone exchange Pages: 3 (833 words) Published: June 30, 2012

Array Structure Proposal
Christopher Hood
Carlotta Persaud

Once again Berry’s Bug Blasters are requesting an update to the previous program that was designed to help them to better serve their customers. The company has requested a way to display the name and phone number of their clients so that they can keep a record of what clients have called. The best way in the opinion to accomplish this is to build an array into the program. This will allow those in charge of the company record to record who has called and then to display the names of the clients and their number in a chart so that it can be recalled at a later date as needed. “An array is a collective name given to a group of similar quantities. These similar quantities could be percentage marks of 100 students, number of chairs in home, or salaries of 300 employees or ages of 25 students. Thus an array is a collection of similar elements. These similar elements could be all integers or all characters, and so on” (Thompson, 2007). Building an array can be confusing for the Bug Blasters can be very confusing for a programmer who does not fully understand how they work. To build an array for Berry’s Bug Blasters the variable must be decided in this case this author knows that the company wants the name from the cuostuomer and the telephone where they are requesting service. Now that the variables are decided the process of building the array can begin. An array must have an Upper Bound. This simply means a limit for the number of times that the loop will run before the program ends. Without this set limit the program would become an infinite loop. Having an infinite loop could likely cause the program to crash in some cases, but it is the opinion of this writer that all that would happen in the case of this program would just mean that the user would be continuously entering data in the way of names and phone numbers with no end to the program. This also...
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