Wgu Risk Management Implementation Plan

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State Farm Implementation Plan
Xavier Smith
Western Governors University

State Farm Implementation Plan
After the successful development of the business-continuity plan, or BCP, it is important to develop an implementation to ensure a non-disruptive integration of the BCP into the Canadian call center’s operations.


The BCP is principally concerned with the protection of both company and customer data. It identified that data redundancy is the appropriate solution. State Farm has elected to maintain the data onsite but also house it offsite, creating a connection between both data locations so that each is updated with the most current information. Offsite data would be activated in the event of a natural disaster shuttering the Canadian call center’s operations.

This recommendation is approached as a project, with external customers, executive leaders, shareholders, call-center management, and line-level employees being the stakeholders. There are 10 action items to be performed, each with its responsible party, timeline, identified barriers, and individual deliverable. The action steps are mostly the same for both processes, with only minor modifications to responsibilities of some action items.

Please review the attendant implementation-plan spreadsheet for the flow of these action items.

BCP Adjustments

The data and recommendations in the BCP are well supported. However, the timeline set forth in the BCP is the principal variable that may require modifications to the document. The timeline of each action item in the implementation plan is identified as an appropriate constraint. However, this constraint is predicated off time estimations. Although the project team has endeavored to provide accurate estimations, State Farm should not view them as precise, since there is no existing process for the international relocation of sensitive and customer data. These estimates are predicated off the domestic...
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