Topics: Schutzstaffel, Gestapo, Nazi Germany Pages: 3 (856 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Name: Ryan DellDate: 3.13.13

Discussion sheet~ Arendt “Organized Guilt and Universal Responsibility”

You must hand this in at the end of class, and it must be typed. Don’t write a thesis – the whole thing doesn’t need to be more than a page. This is to help you come to class prepared to participate. Points will be assigned points based on such things as thoroughness, insightfulness, student participation and promptness.


Course themes[1] present in the reading (be specific – include a cite or quote ): There are two obvious themes in Arendt’s piece: guilt and responsibility; thus, the title Organized Guilt and Universal Responsibility. Arendt makes these two distinctions when talking about stories such as the Nazi’s and the Holocaust. What I get from this essay is that Arendt is saying that we as individuals have a political responsibility for creating the better. We must take somewhat of accountability for all in our communities; thus, we will have a better society. Through recognizing guilt, which she says there are many attributes one must have to be able to feel this emotion and an even harder action to be accountable to your responsibilities.

Memorable quote from reading:
“Of late. however. countless penons have been executed even rhough, for the reason that for Years there has been no freedom Of movement, they could not constitute any immediate danger to the regime.”

Question of clarification (Something that you don’t understand in the text.) I was curious who the SS and Gestapo were as Arendt describes them early on in the text as a jealously guarded monopoly. I decided to research into what those were. The Gestapo is short for Geheime Staatspolizei, which means “secret state police” and they were obviously a type of police organization. Now the SS they began as Hitlers paramilitary bodyguard unit and then developed into a full-fledged military organization. *I even found out that...
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