Boston Tea Party

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  • Published : January 16, 2012
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Thesis statement
How prescription drugs are growing more abused than illegal drugs, because people need to be educated and warned of their effects. This is not a thesis. Make a specific statement. For example: Eating lettuce daily has three health benefits most people don’t know about: X,Y, and Z. A thesis cannot be a question. Which prescription drugs? What effects? Week Four Assignment: Thesis Statement|

·         Resources: Appendix C, Appendix G, CWE (see non-graded activities)·         Write your thesis statement  observing the following:·         one sentence consisting of 25 words or fewer. ·         Makes an assertion related to the topic of the essay—what you want to prove.·         Answers the questions “How?” or “Why?”·         Passes the “So what?” test—what does this topic have to do with anything? Why should I care? Why should others care? ·         The thesis statement must address the previously approved topic.  ·         Post your submission as a Microsoft® Word attachment in your Gradebook by Day 7 Week Four.| Content and Development

 40 Points Possible| Points Possible| Points Earned| Comments| Thesis states the topic and point of view as one declarative statement and includes the equation.| 10|  5|  No point of view is given. The thesis is too vague. | Thesis is one sentence consisting of 25 or fewer words| 10|  10|  | Thesis answers the questions “How” or “Why?”| 10|  0|  Thesis does not answer a “How” or “Why” question| Passes the “So what?” test and addresses a previously approved topic| 10| 5|  Thesis is a statement of fact, and does not specifically require a researched answer. Currently, this thesis will not support a research paper.| Mechanics

 10 Points Possible| Points Possible| Points Earned| Comments|  |  |  |  |
Rules of grammar, usage, spelling and punctuation are followed.| 8|  8|  | Assignment is posted as a Microsoft Word document.| 2|  2|  | Total Points| 50|  30| -10%...
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