Nazi Organization in World War Ii

Topics: Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler, The Holocaust Pages: 3 (859 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Nazi Organization

As the onset of World War II approached, Adolf Hitler’s secret police began to systematically arrest enemies of the regime. As the regime evolved, so did its desire to control incarcerated political enemies. The concentration camps meticulously kept records of its prisoners: Ethnicity, who they were, why they were imprisoned, and other facts and figures. As the regime turned towards mass killings as its solution to the “Jewish Question”, Nazi’s began the systematic killing of Jews in concentration camps. The Nazi obsession of organizing ethnicities reflects Nazi superiority and racism, as they saw many ethnicities to be used for exploitation in labor camps. The Nazi obsession of data and record keeping reflects Hitler’s wish for proof that the Aryan race would achieve dominance. Nazi organization is historically significant because it began the world’s first deliberately recorded genocide, and provided the evidence needed to prove the Holocaust occurred.

Nazi’s deemed certain ethnicities only usable as slave laborers in a German society. Adolf Hitler recognized the need for increased industrialization, as his militarized state called for more supplies. The Nazi Party by the mid 1930’s had already begun to deport Jews and encourage emigration. Hitler, after using hate-propaganda to threaten various minorities: Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, catholics, the mentally disabled, and other races. After publication of the Nuremburg laws, which outlawed citizenship for certain groups, Hitler and his regime justified transporting groups to work camps citing that they had no rights as they were not citizens. (Encyclopedia Britannica). In the camps, these groups worked as slaves to fund the German’s thirst for increased industrialization. (Kimel). This is historically significant because Hitler’s Nazi party effectively organized work camps based on ethnicity. Never before had a modern deliberately recorded inhumane slavery based on such meticulous...
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