Are You Connected

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Are You Connected ?
Jason Tan
Lecturer: Mark Regan

Are you connected? Connected to the world where pictures of our daily lives are shared, a world where new friends are awaiting for us to be added, a world where a myriad of independent artist are trying to get their voices heard. I can go on and on. But the fact of the matter is this; the potential of social media is endless. Ever since Tim O’reilly came up with the term Web 2.0, social media has taken the world by storm. It has become the most popular activity on the Web, supplanting pornography for the first time in Internet history; even search engines weren’t powerful enough to do that. (Qualman, 2009) According to CNN news reports, Facebook surpassed a staggering amount of 900 million active users in March 2012;it’s no wonder traditional advertising has become more and more antiquated. The rapid ascent of social media is due in large part to its ability to help people avoid information indigestion; instead it makes us enjoy ourselves at being productive. (Qualman, 2009). Furthermore, the younger the generation, the less concerned they are about privacy. (Qualman, 2009). “If you can make something more relevant to me by having less privacy, well that is a small price to pay “

-Bill Tancer, General Manager, Global Research, Hitwise Throughout this essay I will discuss the defining features of Social Media and the pros and cons of social media proliferation in society.

The Internet has transformed almost every facet our business and personal lives. (Qualman, 2009). This revolution is driven by people and enabled by social media. Advertisers have realize a 30 second million dollar ads during superbowl are no longer the influencer of purchase intent, instead having placement ads on the front page of Facebook has a higher rate of making consumers noticing it. Moreover, advertisers are realizing from a business standpoint getting a millions likes on Facebook pages, makes any brand or personality from Flickr to Instagram to Perez Hilton to even Kardashian more significant and renown. Barack Obama took notice of this revolution and was able to leverage social media to mobilize the young and old alike, to go from an unknown senator in 2004 to the most powerful man in the world, all the way to the Whitehouse. (Qualman, 2009) In fact he acknowledges this in his historic victory speech: “I will never forget who this victory truly belongs to .It belongs to you. We didn’t start with much money or many endorsements. Our campaign was not hatched in the halls of Washington .It was built by working men and woman who dug into what little savings they had to give from 5 dollars to 20 dollars to the cause. “

-Barack Obama
By engaging voters, social media has had a positive impact on voter turnout, the highest since 1908 and the highest youth participation. (Qualman, 2009) With that being said, fortune 500 companies are starting to learn from Obama’s faith in social media and allowance of the public to take ownership of his brand and grow it to unexpected levels of success. (Qualman, 2009) .One of the notable companies who are promoting their brands via social media mechanisms is Starbucks. Most of the ads ran by Starbucks were viral, including TV spots on Hulu and displayed placements on Facebook. The message of the ads was “What if we cared so much every day about the environment and our country (United States)? ” .In a rare instance, it covered what Starbucks stands for and also made consumers take notice and wanting to participate. (Qualman, 2009) On YouTube alone the promotion received 386,000 views, and it was indicated that Starbucks viral buzz increased 26% in result of this effort. (Qualman, 2009). Starbucks also capitalize social media by offering users to download an app via Facebook called “ Which Drink Is Meant for You” resulting in almost 100,000 active monthly users, driving Starbucks fan page...
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