Are Ghosts Real?

Topics: Ghost, Paranormal, Quantum mechanics Pages: 2 (459 words) Published: October 12, 2010
Are ghosts real?

There may be many mixed opinions on how ghosts are real not, some may believe that they sometimes are there, and some may believe that they aren’t there at all. It all depends on the circumstance and evidence. Personally, I believe that they are like God and always watching over us, no matter where they are. There are many shows and movies and countless amount of websites about people who have claimed to have had experiences with ghosts and may have seen them. These are shows and movies such as “A Haunting” on Discovery Channel, and “Paranormal Activity” which was a hit movie last year. These are very entertaining to people who like scary stuff, but are also slightly dramatized for extra entertainment. Many people picture ghosts as the face with long white sheets over them. I picture them to regular people who look normal, but simply just dead. Obviously, because once we die, we can’t come back to Earth and tell people what it’s like, we also can’t prove if ghosts are sitting right in front of us, or not even there. It depends, do you want to believe that when you’re sleeping, a ghost could be right there looking at you, or under your bed, or in your closet? If not, you should take it into consideration. There are also many tools that ghost hunters use to sometimes detect if they are there. One of these tools is called an Electromagnetic Field Detector, also known as an EMF, is the modern day ghost researcher's tracking device. With this instrument it is possible to locate and track energy sources. It will detect fluctuations in electromagnetic fields and low strength moving EMF fields that have no source. It is a common theory that spirits disrupt this field in a way that you can tell a ghost is present by higher than normal readings. Most “proof” that comes from scientists to tell if ghosts are real is from modern technology. Some people may think that ghosts are completely fake and a waste of time, but, if you went back in time and...
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