Multicultural Items

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Multicultural Items
One of the beauties of living in this world is the wealth of different beliefs and cultures that surround every person. Even living in someone’s home country does not exclude him or her from witnessing or experiencing different cultures. Anyone can immerse himself or herself in a different culture just by reading a story from an author that lives that culture everyday. Multicultural Concepts

Growing up in the United States is a much difference experience than Catherine Lim had while growing up in Malaysia. In the United States, people are not typically raised to respect their elders. Sure, people are told to, but it is not inherently in our blood to do so. As Lim describes in her story “Or Else, the Lightning God,” her upbringing is one that respects elders. Just as Margaret complains about her mother-in-law, she gets chastised by her mother and says that “the young should respect the old…or they will be punished. (Bozzini & Leenerts, 2001 p.463)”

In Jean Rhys’ “The Day They Burned the Books,” she recounts a story of an abusive husband and a wife who just takes the punishment as if she deserves it. The wife, Mrs. Sawyer, sees it as her place to allow this to happen. This type of behavior is not very prevalent in the world today, but it still happens. It was far more common sixty years ago and before where women were expected to be at the call of their husbands and do anything to please them, as they were the bread winners and supporters of the family. As women collectively – and deservedly – demanded more, this type of behavior diminished in most parts of the world. Where this behavior once was or possibly still is a part of a different culture around the world, this is far different than anything found in the western world.

In American culture, we treat death as being placed in the ground. As a society, we do not believe in ghosts, spirits or our ancestors coming to visit us from beyond the grave. This is, however, the belief of the...
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