Multicultural Review

Topics: Culture, Multiculturalism, Lesson plan Pages: 2 (562 words) Published: December 23, 2012
The lesson reviewed was “Sexism: From Identification to Activism,” a very proactive lesson that dug into the issue of sexism, and how the students lives where affected by the topic. The lesson begins by introducing a quote about sexism that goes over the forms in which it can be expressed. From there the lesson plan has the students begin to explore how sexism shapes language, the government, and behavior. The students are asked to share their beliefs on sexism and how it affects their lives via a handout provided by the teacher as well as classroom discussion. The teacher in this lesson plan needs to be prepared with examples to promote student discussion if there is a lack of participation. The lesson then goes into a different handout where the students are to discuss when they might choose to not speak out against sexism and when they could choose not to speak out. The lesson ends with what is needed to speak out and take action over sexism.

This lesson can be very impactful if delivered in a positive way to a group of students who are old enough to take the information and run with it. This lesson on the surface is not an appropriate response to a multicultural issue because it mainly deals with the male and female gender. Though, if adapted and expressed in a certain way the lesson plan would be multicultural and really take the issue of sexism to a whole different level. Sexism if viewed differently from each of the different cultures, because each culture takes the topic to a different level. Some cultures believe women are above men, while others believe men own their woman. To make the students understand the cultural aspect of sexism could really open their eyes to a different side of the topic they most likely don’t hear very often.

One simple way to make this lesson address a multicultural issue would be to bring culture right into the lesson. Ask the students how they feel about sexism, and do they believe cultural plays a role in their...
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