Appropriate and Inappropriate Uses of Mbti

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  • Published : October 17, 2011
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Appropriate and Inappropriate Uses of MBTI

The MBTI test results can be used in almost every type of work. Employers can use employees results to place the employee based on ability to solve problems, communication skills, marketing traits and other important factors. The results of these tests are derived from employees’ personal preferences rather than their abilities in order to place them in comfortable environments to increase their productivity. In addition, businesses use these MBTI test results and split them into four separated categories: extroversion/introversion; sensing/intuiting; thinking/feeling; and judging/perceiving. However, MBTI assessments do not give indications of employees’ values and motivation.

The MBTI is misused when its limitations and possible pitfalls are poorly understood. This issue can unfairly stereotype people and hurt their morale and productivity. Also, it is inappropriate to use MBTI assessments when a workforce or person is under critical stress or pressure because this person is unlikely to give accurate answers to the questions. Another limitation of MBTI is that it does not measure how specific functions are performed; for example, a strong preference for thinking does not mean that one individual should be well skilled at logical sciences like mathematics. Finally, because the MBTI is a forced choice instrument it cannot measure how well one performs the “shadow” functions, or those tasks that might not be measured in the assessment. An additional inappropriate use of the MBTI assessment is when it is used to measure such areas as learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, related behavioral disorders, and the effectiveness of treatment.

What the critics say about such tools

Critics of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator claim employers use the results of this assessment as an excuse to cover up real corporate problems including substandard employee performance. They also are worried about the managers’...
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