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Topics: Management, Employment, Motivation Pages: 2 (568 words) Published: August 26, 2012
Learning Team D's Reflection Paper for Weeks 1 & 2
The focus of discussion for Team ‘D’ was centered on the objectives outlined in our syllabus. The objectives for week one included evaluating individual characteristics of employees, analyzing the impact of individual employee characteristics on organizational performance, and determining management methods based on individual employee characteristics. The objectives for week two were to determine strategies to motivate employees, and also to create effective organizational communication. Employee motivation is an important factor in the success of an organization. If employees are not motivated then the risk of productivity not reflecting positive numbers and positivity in the work environment is greater. Team Assessment for Week 1

For week one objectives, we found that self-assessments can be very useful aids in determining the skill level of an employee and also determining what the employee thinks of oneself. We were asked to determine whether general attitude, job satisfaction emotion and mood, personalities, values and perception had an impact on the organization as a whole. As well as if we were in a manager’s role, how would we use our employee’s characteristics to make improvements to the organization? Our team discovered many things as a result of evaluating these assessments. Some team members found it interesting that it helped them look at themselves as an employee and see what obstacles their manager might have to face or what to look for when owning their own company. While others enjoyed learning how to get to know about an individual’s personality and how to get the most out of adapting it to everyone resulting in more productivity. There was also a realization if they had the opportunity to become a manager, how they could deal with ‘hard’ employees and make sure the ‘real’ work gets done. Team Assessment for Week 2

For week two objectives, one of the most inspiring stories was that of...
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