Psy 202 Week 3 Discussion Part 2

Topics: Personality psychology, Personality type, Marketing Pages: 1 (385 words) Published: April 16, 2011
* Which of Holland’s six personality types best describe you? (Review Table 2.1 in Chapter 2 for a list of personality types, characteristics, and matching careers.) * Is your current career or future career goals in line with a matching career for your personality type? * How might career satisfaction impact self-image?

I found John Holland’s Theory of Career satisfaction interesting. I think if we would have considered what we like and who we were first, before choosing a career path, many of us would probably be much happier in our choices. I could identify with two personality types that Holland describes. I am artistic and I am enterprising. The characteristics that he describes fit my personality. I agree with the likes and dislikes of the characteristics too. I have had jobs as a model, marketer, public relations, radio and TV personality, manager, insurance agent, and retail sales. All of these jobs are jobs that he lists as matching careers. My present position is a Marketing professional which is one of the career matches under the artistic personality type. I love what I do and the freedom in which it allows. My job allows me to be me and express myself. In the end I intend to obtain my degree in the healthcare communication and marketing field. I feel that I have finally found my niche. I feel being satisfied and loving what you do will show through in your personality, the way you handle yourself and the way that you interact with others. I am more confident and relaxed when doing what I am passionate about. I have had many clients say to me that they chose my service because of me. They could see how much I believed in it and it made them comfortable enough to make the decision to move forward. Choosing the right career makes all the difference. Money is part of the factor, because we need it to live, but passion is what will ultimately drive you forward. Whereas just the opposite happens if you take a job you hate. The money may be...
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