Approaches to Stakeholder Impact Analysis - 1

Topics: Decision making, Morality, Risk Pages: 1 (337 words) Published: October 5, 2012
Approaches to Stakeholder Impact Analysis
Lisa, Cave.
In scenario 1, the mayor of a small seaside town faces a tough decision where he has decide between an economic prosperity of his town by developer who submitted a proposal to build a large mall and resort in the town which would mean demolishing the then houses which are the only nursing home and senior citizens’ recreation center in the area. For me to conduct a stakeholder impact analysis using the three approaches (moral standards, five-question, and Pastin’s approach), I would first consider Moral standards. This is because moral standards build directly on the three fundamental interests of stakeholders. It further It is somewhat more general in focus than the 5-question approach, and leads the decision maker to a more broadly based analysis of net benefit rather than just profitability as a first challenge of proposed decisions. As in this case as a mayor, I would still favor the economic prosperity. To use the 5-question to conduct a stakeholder impact analysis, Even if no negative response is forthcoming when the questions are first asked, an effort should be made to improve the proposed action using the five questions as a guide. The mayor using the 5-question approach according to me would use first determine if the economic prosperity would be long-term in this scenario which would be plus it would be profitable to his town too. Pastin’s approach to conduct a stakeholder impact in scenario 1, it would be that since Pastin uses the concept of ground rule ethics to capture the idea that individuals and organizations have ground rules or fundamental values that govern their behavior or their desired behavior; the mayor’s personal desires would be eliminated in the way that he has to choose what would be ethically right to determine the greatest net good for all concerned with in the town. Using Pastin’s approach as a mayor, I would still favor the economic prosperity....
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