Acc 260 Appendix B

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The Mayor should instead build a new nursing home and then knock down the old one to build the mall and resort in the town The Mayor who may only look at choices as a one-way street should accept the decision of the proposal only because if the community needs the economic boost it should be looked upon as a positive upbringing rather than a negative effect on the town. The Mayor faces a hard decision because he does not want to leave anyone behind. Even though the mall may be nice, both sides are being looked at, the Mayor can’t kick out 30 employees and over 100 elderly, it just wouldn’t be fair. She should report the sales because if she don’t everyone won’t get the bonus or vacation and everyone will be mad at her. The positives outweigh the negatives, a bonus and vacation for everyone Catalina is a part of a team, and since she came up short she should just report the sales. Then the following year cancel them. She owes her team for coming up short since it is not fair to them. Catalina should not report the sales. It is lying and disrespectful to managers. It could question her integrity and responsibility within the company. It could cost her to lose her job and also her fellow employees could lose out on future bonuses. Malcolm should not report the incident to the police, as a friend Malcolm should try and get him help rather than get him in trouble because that could be even worse. As a friend and a renter living with other students he should just help his friend find ways to quit. As a friend, Malcolm should report the incident to the police. It can affect Malcolm himself and definitely his friend. Malcolm should report the incident as for he lives with other people and it would not be fair to them. If the school were to find out, it could lead to expulsion from the school possibly for all the roommates living in the house.
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