Stakeholder Influences on Programs Week 7 Hsm/270

Topics: Domestic violence, Violence, Finance Pages: 3 (1107 words) Published: May 27, 2012
Stakeholder Influences on Programs

In the field of Human Services, there are many details that must never be overlooked, there are many variables that must not ever be ignored, and there are many expectations from stakeholders that most definitely must be entertained by all staff and participants who are involved with a program.

One may immediately assume when they hear the word "stakeholder" that it refers to the financial institution that has granted them the funding that made their program possible. This is certainly true, in fact, they are perhaps the most important and influential one. However, stakeholders are also staff members, program participants and their families, program administrators, the target population or community, and other outside parties who may be called upon for their services for further evaluation of the program.

Staff members are very important stakeholders. Everything starts with them. They must be individuals who truly enjoy and take pride in the work that they do. Staff must work together as a team in an honest, open, friendly environment. They must exhibit what they desire the program participants to experience, showing them that their is hope and that their lives will be able to move forward out of the shadows that circumstance has trapped them in, To ensure that they can find it within them to care again, the staff must care even more. Everyone must do their part to enhance the possibility of success. Careful observation and well-documented evaluation must be undergone at all times. An audit can happen at any time without notice, therefore, organizations must always be prepared. Potential problems must be recognized and re-evaluated immediately so that everyone involved will have the peace of mind that everything is on the right track, and that nothing can stand in their way. The families of participants may very well be in the foreground, monitoring their every move. Therefore, staff members must always know what they...
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