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Training and Development Trends Research Report:
The Apprenticeship Program
MOS 3343 A
Stephanie Mackey
November 24, 2011

Research Purpose
The purpose of this report is to examine apprenticeships as an effective on-the-job training method that combines both active learning as well as classroom instruction. This report will also explore how apprenticeship programs can further attract interested individuals, and bring them in to fill the jobs that have recently hit a shortage. The report will go into great detail on the benefits offered to those individuals pursuing interest in apprenticeship programs. The idea of an apprenticeship is something many University and College students have heard of in passing at info sessions, however often lacking in expanded detail.. An apprenticeship can vastly benefit an individual, and everyone should be informed of its advantages. This topic sparked an interest because in personal experience, hands-on learning is both extremely effective, and very engaging. Literature Review

“The Apprenticeship System in Canada: Trends and Issues” By Andrew Sharpe and James Gibson. This was a research report found on the UWO library site. It takes an in depth look into many aspects of apprenticeships in Canada. It goes into detail on perspectives of both the employee and government, on their views of the topic. It also outlines the key issues of the topic as well as the important institutional innovations that make it work.

“Government of Canada- Apprenticeship Grants” This is a brochure supplied by the government of Canada, with valuable insight into the monetary incentives offered to individuals seeking to participate in an apprenticeship program. It outlines what exactly these grants entail, who is eligible, and how and when you go about applying for these grants. It also lists educational links to provide more information on the topic.

“How the Revised Regulations Strengthen the National Apprenticeship System” by the Registered Apprenticeship. This article outlines many of the negative aspects that used to be encoded under legislation involving apprenticeships, and investigates the amendments made, that are now benefiting the apprenticeship program. The article also describes the various ways an apprenticeship program can be completed, as well as shared credentials and standards for the program. Findings

Training is an essential aspect of an effective and competitive workplace. By investing in training, workplaces are investing in human capital, and bettering their employees, which is essential for success. Apprenticeships were developed so that skills often used in various trades could be taught by both watching and doing, and in the classroom, with a focus on active hands-on training. Through this, effective methods of performing the job can be passed on through the years, without fear of the valuable skills being lost. The apprenticeship program is especially beneficial in the area of skilled trades, which has primarily been the host to these programs.

Over the past decade, the number of registrations in an apprenticeship program has slowly been decreasing, however, more alarmingly, the number of those registering and then not completing the program, is even lower. These low numbers have been associated with two specific issues. The first is an ineffective school-to-work transition approach, and the other being the fact that there has been an immense shortage in the area of skilled trades (Sharpe & Gibson, 2005 p.6). The school-to-work transition issue focuses on young students, and their difficulty of entering a large and stressful work market. An apprenticeship acts as an alternative approach to those who have not completed a post-secondary education, and finding themselves considering the market of skilled trades. Due to an unenthusiastic perception many have of working in the trades, many will attempt to find employ within the unskilled labor force, before...
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