Explain the Post 16 Options for Young People and Adults

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Explain the post 16 options for young people and adults
Once a young person finishes year 11 they have different options available to them they can choose to go on to further education this can be either within the school in the sixth form or they could go to college. The qualifications that can be gained through further education are: •AS and A levels- are full time courses studying mainly academic subjects but also some work related subjects and are generally taken over 2 years. •Diplomas- are when the student is still based in their school or college but they have the chance to learn in other settings such as the work place or a college giving them a taste of what to expect in that particular occupation. •Key skills- these are designed to prepare students for the working environment and are usually run alongside or are included in other courses although are available on their own. Other options are:

Apprenticeships-a more hands on role, learning through work in an apprenticeship where they gain qualifications while working within the job position, with this option they can gain valuable hands on experience, training as well as gaining a qualification while earning a wage at the same time. •BTEC’s- are usually studied at school or college they are work based qualifications that are a mix between practical and theory and some work experience. •NVQ’s- these can be taken either at school/college, through a placement or in the work place. They are based on the students skills,knowledge and their competence of doing the job.
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