Apple Ipad Marketing Plan

Topics: IPod, Apple Inc., ITunes Store Pages: 31 (10272 words) Published: April 6, 2011
Big Apple
Table of Contents
Executive Summary 5
Marketing Strategy 6
Background 6
Company 6
Products 7
Situational Analysis 7
Market Share 8
Goals 8
Strategy 9
SWOT Analysis 9
Strengths 10
Weaknesses 11
Opportunities 11
Threats 12
Customers 12
Competitors 14
Positioning 14
Competitor Market Share 15
Collaborators 15
Role of Partnerships 15
Complimentary Businesses 16
Climate 16
Political/Legal 16
Economic 16
Technological 17
Social/Cultural 17
Issues Analysis 17
Personal Computer Market 17
New Products 17
International Operations 18
Digital rights management system (DRM) 18
eBusiness Models 18
Market Research and Market Intelligence 20
Marketing Strategy 25
Tactical e-Marketing and Communications Planning 28
Tactical Approach 28
Product 28
Promotion 29
Price 31
Place 31
Use of Technology 31
Delivery Mechanism 34
Flexible manufacturing plants 34
Supplier Relationship Management. 35
Channel Management 36
Marketing Communications 37
Developing an Integrated Marketing Communications Plan 37
Overarching Goals of the Plan 38
Message Development 38
Communication Media, Venues, and Campaign Elements 39
Tactical Marketing Plan Elements 40
Regulation and Ethics Issues 45
Responding to Regulation and Ethics Issues 46
Assessing E-Marketing Effectiveness 47
Conclusion 50
References 51
List of Figures
Figure 1 - Porter's Five Forces Analysis Framework 22
Figure 2 - Comparative Competitor Specifications 23
Figure 3 ' Online Advertising Tracking Sample 30
Figure 4 - Shop Floor Hierarchy 35
Figure 5 - Collaborative Marketplaces and E-Hubs 36
Figure 6 - Demand Management 37
Figure 7 - Transactional and Relationship Marketing 38
Figure 8 - Example of iPod Shuffle Messaging 39
Figure 9 - Adoption Curves for Various Media 40
Figure 10 ' Integration of the Product Lines 41
Figure 11 ' eCommerce Access 41
Figure 12 ' Uses for the Product 43
List of Tables
Table 1 ' Apple SWOT Analysis 9
Table 2 ' iPod/MP3 Player Ownership by Age 13
Table 3 ' iPod/MP3 Player Ownership by Income Level 13
Table 4 - E-Business Model by Stage 19
Table 5 - Potential E-Business Metrics and Methods 49
Executive Summary
- Sameh Darwish
Marketing Strategy
New decision makers, decision-making structures, dynamics, and even beliefs and motivations come into play when developing a company's marketing plan. Towards preparation of a formal marketing plan, it is important to develop a consensus surrounding strategy and approach to be used. Through example, this paper seeks to formulate marketing strategy for Apple and its portable digital music player ' the iPod. This paper describes the company, the products marketed; provides a situational analysis; analyzes its e-business model; determines market research and market intelligence needed to develop strategy; and concludes with formulation of an e-Marketing Strategy. Background

Apple Computer (Apple) designs, manufactures, and markets personal computers and related software, services, peripherals and networking solutions. It also designs, develops, and manufactures a line of portable digital music players along with related accessories and services including online distribution of third-party music, audio books, music videos, short films and television shows. Apple's products and services include the Macintosh line of desktop and notebook computers, the iPod digital music player, the Xserve G5 server and Xserve Raid storage products, a portfolio of consumer and professional software applications, the Mac OS X operating system, the iTunes Music Store, a portfolio of peripherals that support and enhance Macintosh and iPod product lines and a variety of other service and support offerings. Apple business strategy focuses on bringing the best personal computing and music experience to students, educators, creative professionals, businesses, government agencies and...
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