Apollo Group Strategic Analysis

Topics: Economics, Youth, Education Pages: 4 (715 words) Published: April 20, 2012
Case #7-The Apollo Group(Report)

I. Analysis-Issues:
a. The young people drop out the programs because the doubt in the education quality. b. The Apollo group education method is contrasted to the conventional mechanism of education being summited to criticism by other universities. c. The young students are more interested in enrolled into traditional education. d. Companies give financial help to the adult working students to pay their tuition. e. Many working adult use this kind of education to reach better positions in their jobs. f. UMUC is a potential competitor against us that gives online education in the U.S.11 g. Because of growing demand in the market is getting harder to find high level professors. h. There is an amazing difference between AGI’s marketing expenses and the rest of traditional universities. i. This education is cost- effective, being under the cost average. j. Continuously increasing tuition in other universities is giving us another principal target, which are people between 18 and 24 years old. k. Since we are the university with more students in the US, keep growing in the same percentage is getting harder. ________________________________________________________________________

II. Issue A: Companies give financial help to the adult working students to pay their tuition. WHY? I predict that during the next 5 years more companies would be interested in giving financial help to their employees. because is not a full – time education, and is cost- effective.

Recommendation: I recommend, promoting “corporation plans for tuition” where companies would be capable to give to the employees financial help in better and more comfortable ways. WHY? By this kind of financial plans our company would be capable to attract more adult working students which is our big target.

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