Higher Education Should Be Restricted to the Very Best Academic Students, Rather Than Being Available to a Large Proportion of Young People.

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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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One of the most complicated questions for young person nowadays is education. After the school youths encounter their first adult problem that they have to solve by themselves: higher education relevance. Our country provides gratuitous learning programs for a big amount of students, but not limited to the smartest young people education is debatable issue throughout the world. This essay will be focused on the arguments for the accessible to everyone higher education. Firstly, higher education is competitive advantage. Modern world differs from XIX century and earlier in social and economic structure. Manual work has replaced by intellectual work, and to meet job requirements people have to acquire knowledge and special skills, that schools cannot give. Secondly, studying in university helps to nourish and exercise youths’ minds and form their political and social views. Not only business demands well-educated employee but government needs intelligent citizens, whose personal contribution will lead the country to prosperity and welfare society. Finally, restricting the amount of universities intake is not fair. We live in democratic country, and it is essentially to give equal opportunities to all graduates from school. Moreover, there is no any adequate system to evaluate future student’s knowledge and choose the best ones. All existing systems gave rise to complaints from teachers, educational experts, and professors. In conclusion, higher education should be accessible to the great number of young people on account of following reasons. During getting a degree students acquire necessary knowledge to work and live in a modern society. Consequently, it is not right to deprive someone of receiving education, furthermore, there is no clear method to choose smarter children.
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