Impact of Computerization in the Banking Sector

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The student industrial work experience scheme (SIWES) provide the avenue for student in Engineering, Natural Science, Environment Studies etc. to know much about the course they are studying and give them the grace to know/see possible challenges they are to encounter after graduation. The attachment provides the opportunity for student in Polytechnic for at least four (4) month while student in University for at least (6) month industrial attachment which partially fulfils the national diploma programme and degree programme in University respectively as a student.

Student are attached to an establishment in a field related to their course of discipline, during the stipulated period for this student industrial work experience scheme (SIWES). The scheme is established to: 1. Expose the student to practical knowledge of their course of study. 2. Makes student to more familiar with the operations of the labour market and its conditions of services. 3. Enhance and improve student human relations e.g with the workers and customers of such establishment. 4. Make students more thoughtful i.e. it enables them to think deeply and provide solutions to problem encountered in the course of the training exercise. 5. Makes students expose to and get informed about other things (vastness) beside their academics. 6. Makes them more orderly and careful in handling instruments and to know the importance of laboratory safety precautions 7. Enhances the creativity of students.

8. Enhances and grant them job opportunities.
The existing water supply, completed in 1952, was designed for an initial output of 3,100 cubic meters per day). Before the coming into existence of Kwara State in 1967, it was already known that the supply had become inadequate. As a consequence, a small expansion programme was completed by the Interim Administrative Council. The expansion was completed by the Kwara State Water Corporation in October, 1974, thus raising output to 5,500 cubic meters per day (1.2 m.g.d) which is still inadequate. It was apparent that the way out was to embark on an expansion programme that would meet not only domestic but also industrial requirement for the year 2000 and beyond. The consulting firm of Tahal Consultants (Nigeria) Limited of Ibadan was appointed in 1972 to study and design the expansion. The design produced by the consultants was divided into three phases: Phase I – 32,500 cubic meters per day (7.2 m.g.d.) 1976-1980 Phase II – 55,000 cubic meters per day (12 m.g.d.) 1981-1985 Phase III - 92,700 cubic meters per day (20.4 m.g.d.) 1986-1992

It was decided that construction work for phases I and II should be embarked upon simultaneously. The time was July, 1974. Construction work started with the gigantic Dam in May, 1975, followed by other civil engineering works; laying of rising main and installation of equipment all in 1976. Laying of the pipe networks started in January 1977. The total cost of the project was #24 million. 2. ASA RIVER DAM

The Asa Dam is located at a point about 5 kilometers south of Ilorin across River Asa. It is a composite dam of earth embankment of its extreme ends, with a central spillway followed to the right by a mass concrete non-overflow gravity section. The dam is 597 meters long and 27 meters high at its deepest section and a crest width of meters. A stilling basin of the entire width of the spillway dissipates the energy of the spill flow thereby preventing erosion of the stream bed. The intake is located in the wing wall which also supports the main earth embankment while the superstructure of the Low Lift Pumping Station is located on the top of the wing wall. There are three vertical spindle submersible pumps, each rated 1150 cubic meters per hour against a total head of 29 meters for the treatment plant (located at the...
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