Apache Metals Case Studie

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  • Published : May 25, 2013
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Apache Metals, Inc

What problems can you see in the way project managers were assigned in the past?

In the past, there are many problems in the employment of the project manager. Before any step you take the company must be well thought out before making any decision. In the past they did not have sufficient experience in decision-making and the non-existence of the staff. The main reason in the past was that they do not have the experience and they were taking the wrong decisions. Lack of experience was the reason for the lack of development projects in the company, which led the company to drop significantly.

Will the new approach taken in 2007 put the company on a path to excellence in project management?

The company develops dramatically and became one of the most important companies in the world. Because of the action plan developed by the company, which helped in the development of the company is excellent. Communication skills among employees and collective action are the basis for the success of the project management. Now become one of the most important companies in the world in their respective fields. Successful project management needs a successful and intelligent manager so that it can help to develop the company and that what it happened with Apache Metals.

What skill set would be ideal for the future project managers at Apache Metals? Project managers need both leadership and management skills, with a knack for problem solving. Key skills needed for project management:

1. Be a Leader and a Manager.
2. Be a Team Builder and a Team Leader.
3.  Be an Excellent Communicator.
4. Be a Good Organizer.
5. Be a Competent and Consistent Planner.
6. Be a Problem Solver.
7. Be a Negotiator and Influencer.
8. Set Up and Manage Budgets.
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