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Critical Lens Essay
The quote, “ It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”, by Charles Dickens is a particularly diacritic because of the difficulty in deciphering the underlying meaning. I agree with this quote because of the exemplary reasoning beneath all the different ways for interpretation. In my view, this quote shows that ones perspective on a situation is what deems one as positive or negative. The classic analogy is if the glass is half full or half empty. No matter how bad or good a situation may seem, it ones vista that decides if the situation was bad or not. This quote can be related to two enticing literary works The Odyssey, by Homer, and Hurricane Sandy, by God. Throughout The Odyssey, Odysseus is going through an extremely difficult situation, but he keeps a positive outlook. Also, in Hurricane Sandy, Joe Shmoe is going through a difficult time, but he looks at the other people across long island and he knows that he was better off than other families. Because of these outlooks this quote will lead to quite a lot of intrigue, Hurricane Sandy will deliberate.

Throughout Hurricane Sandy, God uses many literary elements to help connect the biography to the critical lens. An example of a literary element is conflict. Conflict is a disagreement, or opposing forces or objectives in a story. Hurricane Sandy uses conflict in many different ways including it as a way to provide a way for the author to expand upon the moral of his story. In Hurricane Sandy, God portrays the humans as being attacked by a hurricane; this shows conflict. Another example of conflict is when the humans are faced with the decision to protest against LIPA and its slow movements, or to not. This discrepancy is a form of conflict. This proves the quotation is true because God, used conflict to show that no matter how bad the times were when the hurricane hit, it is the way one looks at the situation, that is what causes them to feel gratitude towards the...
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