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Text One - Poem:
A Small Keen Wind Thomas Blackburn

My wife for six months now in sinister Tones has muttered incessantly about divorce, And, since of the woman I’m fond, this dark chatter Is painful as well as a bit monotonous. Still, marvel one must, when she fishes out of that trunk, Like rages, my shadier deeds for all to see With ‘This you did when you were sober, and that when drunk’, At the remarkable powers of memory. For although I wriggle like mad when she whistles up Some particularly nasty bit of handiwork, The dirty linen I simply cannot drop, Since ‘Thomas Blackburn’ is stitched by the laundry mark. So I gather my things and say, ‘Yes these are mine, Though some cleaner items are not upon your list’, Then walk with my bundle of rags to another room Since I will not play the role of delinquent ghost And be folded up by guilt in the crook of an arm. I saw tonight - walking to cool the mind A little moonshine on a garden wall And, as I brooded, felt a small, keen wind Stroll from the Arctic at its own sweet will.

In this poem, Thomas Blackburn states that relationships do have their ups and downs, but in the end, whatever the outcome, everything will be okay. Just like the quote “Everything will be okay in the end, if it’s not okay, it’s not the end.” He describes how relationships, especially marriage, can be hard to experience at first. Living with a new person, in the same house, sleeping in the same bed and talk about kids. This can all be very stressful for newly wed couples. However, these are just a few of the many changes that married couple would experience while together. At first it is tough, but it gets easier along the way. The poet then shows how much and how far newly wed couples can bicker, however, the endings don’t always end horribly. Sometimes they end like how the poet portrayed them to end in this poem. However, this time, it seemed to be the poet incorporating himself in his own story. He portrayed himself as frustrated first, like any human would be going through a rough patch such as divorce. But then, he played on something different. This time, in the end, after all the fighting and the divorce he walked away peacefully and in serenity. Walking in the wind that night seemed to have reminded him that everything would be okay in the end after all. Blackburn wrote this to show that after every fight and after every divorce, it doesn’t always have to end in turmoil. In fact, in this poem he writes as if everything is going to be okay. And this, I think, says that relationships may crash and burn, but everything in the end will be all for the best. Throughout this poem, the composer plays the role of the narrator, as well as a protagonist. He mainly uses the techniques of mood, tone and metaphor throughout this poem. As well as points of imagery towards the last stanza. Blackburn uses tone and mood together in order to place the setting of this poem. He uses tone and mood all throughout by showing the emotions of every action and word of anger by using descriptive words and setting a scene. He uses the techniques of mood and tone, much how he would use imagery. He does however, change the way he uses tone by beginning with a rough start and then gradually turning into a small, keen wind of hope, clarity and reassurance. The poet also uses metaphor in a number lines. He does also use the effect of imagery in the metaphors he has created. The effect that this has on the poem, is to not only set a picture in our minds, but to also provide us with a describing word and create more depth for the line. In this poem, metaphors are used a lot to also help set in the tone and mood of the poem. Starting with, ‘sinister tones’ and ‘dark chatter’ and ending with ‘small keen wind stroll from the Arctic at its own sweet will’. Thomas also uses metaphors in words of wisdom and such maturity that it has a knowledgeable effect to it.

“And, as I brooded, felt a small, keen wind. Stroll from the...
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