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----- The dream act was passed during 2010 but a few days later the Dream Act came crashing down when the senate filibuster the act. A lot of senators were against the reform. They needed five more votes for the act to be passed, they had 55 votes overall, you need 60 votes to overcome a republican led filibuster. The bill had already passed the House and was approved by president Obama. The five democrats who voted no were Max Baucus and John Tester of Montana, Kay Hagan of North Carolina, Ben Nelson of Nebraska, and Mark Pryor of Arkansas. A lot of people are against the dream act because they feel that if the government lets immigrants get citizenship they would be letting them get away with them breaking the law in the first place by coming in to the united states without permission, even though most of the people benefiting from the dream act were very little to have a choice to decide whether or not they wanted to come to the united states or not. Then in that case the parents or older family member who brought the kids here in the first place should get punished? Another thing is immigrants get the same benefits a American citizen gets, like go to the hospital, women give birth without having to pay the amount of money a native born would have to pay. Immigrants also don’t pay taxes but Mrs. Elvia Hernandez during my interview said that she gets more tax taken away from her check then people who have social security numbers and when its time for tax season she barely gets any money back. Other people who think if the government lets the dream act be passed they’re basically telling immigrants that if you obey the law and keep your head down you may get a chance to citizenship. If the dream act is passed are people really going to obey the rules and laws they would be giving or are they going to try to rebel against the government. The dream would give great opportunities to young immigrants, it would allow them to change their status in this country. It...
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