Analysis of the Alli Weight Loss Plan: Advertisement in People Magazine

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  • Published : March 1, 2010
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Alli Weight Loss Plan Advertisement

The “Alli Weight Loss Plan” advertisement in the January 18th 2010 issue of People magazine is effective because of the informational packed two-page spread, the vibrant multicolored picture, and the way the bold banner intertwines with the emotion in the picture. The “Alli Weight Loss Plan” advertisement is effective because of the informational packed two paged spread. The first page has six separate informative blocks, with breaks in between the different blocks, to give the reader a chance to interpret the information. The second page is completely covered in a vibrant colorful picture. Consequently, Attention is drawn to reading the six separate topics and viewing the colorful picture. The “Alli Weight Loss Plan” advertisement contains six informational blocks, each with different brilliant colored titles. Topics the advertisement covers consist of educational information, nutritional information, and governmental information. The first block written in red is titled, “you and food.” The first block covers the relationship between the reader and food, whether or not that relationship is healthy. The first block also entices the reader and relates to the potential consumer, identifying the problem and offering them a solution. The second block is titled, “real hunger”, in green and describes symptoms of real hunger. Examples from the second block are: real hunger “grows gradually”, real hunger is when “you’ll eat anything”, and real hunger is when “you feel good after eating.” The third block is titled “emotional hunger”, and is colored blue. The third block describes signs of emotional hunger; one example is: emotional hunger is when “you feel guilty after eating.” The fourth block is titled “you can eat healthier for life”, and is colored red. The fourth block explains that the Alli Weight Loss Plan can help learn the healthy way to eat and to lose weight. The fifth block is titled “you can lose...
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