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Topics: Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior, Human sexuality Pages: 5 (2057 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Tara Cseresznyak
Soc. 113
Media Assignment
April 17, 2012
There are many different magazines targeted toward different groups of people. Women’s magazines, such as Cosmopolitan, direct many of their articles towards dating life, body image, and sex advice. Men’s Health, a magazine for men, is also a magazine that’s articles are directly oriented towards dating, sex and body image. The growing impact of pop culture is directly effecting what we read in magazines. The cover of Men’s Health uses red, white, grey, and black text. These colors are considered to look more manly, rather than if they used pink or yellow. The font used is very bold and block-like. On the cover there is a photo of Blake Griffin soaking wet with his strong physique being exploited. This affects men because since Griffin is strong, they believe by reading Men’s Health it will tell them how to look like that too. They also try to make him a sex symbol by his lack of clothing. This issue of the magazine is titled the “Special Lose-Your_Gut Issue!” One of the articles shown in bold on the cover is “New Year, New You! Get back in shape in 17 days!” this article is making the importance of a “cut” body a necessity. There are also other words written on the cover such as: “Bigger Arms Fast!” and “Hard Abs Made Easy!” These articles and words are making the false pretense that every man needs to be strong and fit looking. The unrealistic idea that everyman needs to look perfect has a negative affect on the men who don’t look like Griffin, lowering their self-esteem. “365 Perfect Muscle, Sex, Nutrition & Health Tips,” shows that looks and sex is all that’s important to people. It makes love life seem superficial. Also, “What Women find Sexy,” makes sexual experience significant in dating life. Many articles are directed towards being physically fit, men’s wear, cologne/antiperspirant, beer, and cars. Leonardo DiCaprio represents TAGHeuer, a watch company, and the ad primarily showcases his good looks and him holding the watch. Using an attractive model, or star affects the buyer because since DiCaprio is wearing it, they should too. There are several different ads about protein and exercise enhancements. Whey Protein Plus, a protein supplement, shows a muscular man in the ad with before and after photos. The use of the photos not only emphasizes the importance of a good physical physique, but that by using their product it will make you look stronger. All of the ads for protein supplements support the fact that in pop culture today it is important to look muscular if you are a man. In an Adidas clothing add, they show men working out at the gym. Paul Walker, a good-looking man, represents Davidoff cologne in an ad. The ad shows him looking into the camera with water running down his face. Rather than showcasing the cologne they show a photo of an attractive man, which has nothing to do with the product being advertised. Toyota showcases man’s best friend in an ad about the new Camry Hybrid. They represent the man driving the car as a mountain man, by wearing a flannel, having facial hair, and driving through a forest area while his dog sticks his head out the window. This makes him appear more masculine. Geico, an insurance company, has an ad with weights in it. This refers back to the main theme that men need to work out and stay physically fit. Regardless that it is an insurance company, they still are showing the importance of having muscular body. In this issue of Men’s Health all of the models appeared to be Caucasian. The themes of most of the articles of Men’s Health are sex, dating, and health related. On page 46 they feature an article called “The Girl Next Door”. This article gives men dating advice and sex advice. In the article they give tons of tips from dirty talk in bed, to how to approach a woman. There is also another article called “Your Year In... Sex,” which lists a woman’s resolutions that could help or enhance...
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