Analysis of Power Sector in India.

Topics: Electric power transmission, Electricity distribution, Electrical substation Pages: 2 (429 words) Published: April 5, 2013

* As great part of the financial problems • of the SEB’s and the present corporations in some states are due to unscrupulous thieving of power, the theft of power, illegal and unauthorized use of power should be stopped at all costs.

* A mechanism for vigilance and control of malpractices has to be set up and made to function properly. A separate Act should be enacted to control and punish the culprits in the misuse of power. As power is very vital, culprits and trespassers have to be dealt with promptly and with out compunction.

* The Generation and Distribution of power are the two facesof the power sector. Therefore, maintaining a proper balance should be the main task of the Corporation/Boards. They should plan properly to meet the demand for power on a longtime basis during the 10th plan and even beyond.

* It has to work and streamline the entire production system by entrusting some power projects to the rivate sector taking care to have controlling safeguards in its hands. This would facilitate augmenting power generation and meeting the power requirement.

* Since demand for power would only increase power generation is an area where constant and alert watch for the needs is necessary, and appropriate steps have to be taken for generation to meet the increasing demand. It would be wisdom to plan a long-term power generation strategy to enhance power generation efficiency.

* Leakages and wastages have to be prevented at all costs. Likewise power distribution efficiency should also be improved with an appropriate new technology. Totally concealed power lines and substations should be erected to transmit power without any undue loss in power distribution. It has to plan for long-term development of the distribution system, to give satisfactory service to consumers of all categories. Faulty lines have to be replaced by new transmission lines with fully concealed and distribution centers.

* It is the responsibility of the...
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