Power Resources

Topics: Wind power, Solar power, Fossil fuel Pages: 2 (334 words) Published: August 29, 2012
Power Resources

Resources used for producing energy or power are known as power resources. There are many types of power resources like fossil fuels, oil and gas, wood and coal, solar power, hydro power, nuclear, wind power, etc. Importance of Power Resources

I.Power resources are use for producing energy for running machines in industries. II.Power resources are use to running agricultural machines. III.Power resources are use for transportation.
IV.Power resources are use for running communication machines. V.Power resources are use in defence to run several weapons. VI.Power resources are use for cooking and heating.
VII.Power resources are use for generating electricity.
Role of Power Resources in our life
I.Power resources are use to run industries which produce various useful things which helps in meeting the demand and needs of the people. II.Power resources are use to run various agricultural machines which helps in surplus production of food. III.Power resources are use to run vehicles which make transportation much easier and faster. IV.Power resources are use to rum communication machines which makes communication faster, easier and cheaper.’ V.Power resources are use in several weapons which are used in defence and army. VI.Power resources are used are used for cooking which makes food tastier and free of harmful microorganisms. VII.Power resources are use for generating electricity which is used for running innumerable electric appliances which makes life more comfortable. Conservation of Power Resources

Power resources are very important for us but since there is a very high demand for these resources and most of their supply are limited. So we should conserve these resources to prevent them from getting exhausted. Conservation of Power resources means using these resources carefully and giving them time to get renewed. There are several...
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