Our Energy Future

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  • Published : September 5, 2011
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Kyle Smyre
June 6 2011
Period 2
Mr. Watts
Our Energy Future
Currently, it's clear that there is an immense problem with the prospect of society's energy needs for the future. Such a large dependency on limited fossil fuels are already dampening the world's economy, and following this path will simply ensure a destitute future. However, changes could be made in today's time to prevent such an event from occurring, but it will require many separate state entities to work together and no longer undermine each other's attempts at reform. Some alternatives to fossil fuels include solar, hydro, and wind power, but replacing the resources would only be a small step to protecting the future. A more necessary change would be the reconstruction of electric grids, such as the forty year old grid in the United States that costs the government upwards of $200 billion a year to maintain.

Clearly, there isn't one single idea that could be the true solution. There would have to be a mixture of multiple solutions to solve the energy crisis. One of this would include wind power, which is all about location of the many wind turbines that would be used. The prime positions would be where the breeze blows steady and strong, and one of the best places would be far out at sea. With this new placement, it would overcome one of the biggest obstacles to expanding wind powers; residents that don't want wind farms from blocking their views. Sea turbines would be virtually invisible from the shore, and would please both energy activists and those that don't want turbines close to them. Another use of wind turbines would be miniature ones which could be placed in/near urban areas in homes. While a couple wouldn't provide a substantial amount of energy, a few million in the right spot would greatly reduce the energy strain on the United States. To go along with wind energy, hydroelectric power could also be used to alleviate the needs of the public. There is no longer the need to dam...
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