Analysis of Consumers' Perceptions About Engro's Omung Lassi

Topics: Trial, Pearson's chi-square test, Chi-square test Pages: 9 (2281 words) Published: April 13, 2013
Consumer perceptions about Engro’s “Omung Lassi”

CONDUCTED FOR COURSE: Methods in Business Research
FACULTY: Ms. Saadiyeh Said

Muhammad Taha Kalam 11388
Shahroz Ali 13112
Qazi Muhammad Zulqarnain-ul-Haq 12115
Syed Aabir Haider 10572
Muhammad Haris Ali 11241


Letter of Transmittal

To ;Ms. Saadiyeh Said
Course Instructor ; Methods in Business Research
Section C
Institute of Business Management (IoBM)
This document is a report that contains a research about Engro Foods’ venture Omung Lassi about which perceptions of consumers were found out in order to ascertain that what Engro Foods can do in order to make this product Omung Lassi a success after its initial launch did not fare as well as expected. Following are the names of the team members who have put their efforts in conducting this research and making this report Muhammad Taha Kalam

Shahroz Ali
Qazi Muhammad Zulqarnain-ul-Haq
Syed Aabir Haider and
Muhammad Haris Ali
This research has been conducted and this report has been made in compliance with the instructions of the teacher and the parameters set by her. All team members would like to thank the teacher Ms Saadiyeh Said for her utmost guidance, motivation, teaching and help without which this project would not have been possible. The team therefore hands over the findings of the research in this report to Ms Saadiyeh and we hope that this will be useful to her and for anyone else who uses this or wishes to make use of it.

Executive Summary
This document is a report of the research made on Engro Foods’ Omung Lassi for which research has been done regarding the perceptions of consumers about the product. The report makes an inquiry into what led to the failure of the product and what was the reason behind it. The report begins with an introduction about the project that tells that lassi is a well known and consumed drink n Pakistan for the people of which Engro made this market offering but since it faced problems in the market and was unpopular the research tries to conclude what is wrong with Omung Lassi. The report continues with the methodology that explains the unit of analysis as 100 people; the age of the unit of analyses ranged from 17 to 25 years. People included in the sample were Lassi consumers. The next part of the report is the section of Results of the survey that contain relevant statistics. The report continues with the analysis of the results split in two areas namely STP (Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning) and Packaged Lassi. The report continues with the limitations in the research and ends at the conclusion that Engro’s STP strategy with Omung has failed to deliver the required objectives from the venture. Through our analysis and research we were able to find descriptive and inferential evidence that Omung’s promotional tool is not being used effectively. As far as the idea of pursuing packaged lassi is concerned, the data suggests it is not an unfeasible venture. However, it does go against the trends found in Pakistan and the sample that we tested. It is recommended therefore that Engro definitely needs to redefine its STP strategy on Omung Lassi. The last part of the report contains an Appendix which has the survey questionnaire and SPSS Output sheet for reference.

Area 1: STP Strategy8
Perception and trial association9
Area 2: Packaged Lassi10
Source Preference10
Final Area11
Recommendations and Conclusions12

Lassi is a traditional drink in Pakistan which is welcomed by everyone irrespective of their age. However the presentation of the same traditional product in tetra pack is indeed a novelty and this was done by Engro Foods when they launched their Omung Lassi. However the response towards the product was not satisfactory. In fact...
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