How is the issue of abortion viewed by the females in my community?

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Caribbean Examination Counsel
Social Study School Based Assessment
Statement of problem:
How is the issue of abortion viewed by the females in my community?

NAME: Javon As cott


TEACHER:Ms. Taylor

First I would like to say think to god for the knowledge of understanding to accomplish this school base assignment, in the same breath I would like to say thanks to Mrs Taylor and Mrs Newell for helping me to put together the information’s that I have attained for this project. I would also like to thank Shane Wallace for helping me finding the research and also for helping e to analysing the data’s that are given in this project.

Statement of Problem
This survey will be guided by the following research question: How is the issue of Crime and Violence viewed by people in their community in Jamaica?

For the purpose of this research the following questions will be examined:
1. Is the abortion rate in Jamaica on the increase and what is the rate per year?
2. What is the impact of abortion on the Jamaican society?
3. What factors have contributed to the practise of abortion?

Abortion is a prevalent social issue in society. It affects young women by extension men, who were hoping to be fathers. In a 2010 movie by Tyler Perry, "For Coloured Girls", the character Nyla Adrose,a young ballet dancer, got pregnant. For a short period of time her future seemed very dim but it was revived because of an abortion, which made her eligible for a college education. The point being highlighted is that after abortion, there is still a future. Another motivational factor for doing this research was that my community was in shock when news surfaced about a fourteen year old girl who died from an attempted abortion in the month of December,2011. This report was not circulated only in my community but also on the two local television stations, TVJ and CVM.

Even if the abortion is a success it can be very detrimental and in some cases the womb of a female may not be able to produce any more offspring. Ignorance to the situation may sometime lead to unexpected results. This research was also done to meet the requirements of the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) to submit a School Base Assessment in order gain a passing grade in the.It is the primary intent of the researcher to discover how Jamaican women view abortion and to analyze the reason(s) for their views. Secondly the researcher seeks to determine which variables contribute significantly to women having abortions. Also he will examinethe negative and positive effects that abortions have had on the lives of Jamaican women.

Method of data collection
In order to gain a better understanding of how the issue of abortion is viewed by females in my community; the researcher has decided to use printed questionnaires.


This Questionnaire is to be filled out by Jamaican women of child-bearing age.

1. Select your age group.

16-19 20-25 26-35 36-55

2. Occupation: ______________________

3. To which ethnic group do you belong?
Africa Indian Chinese

Others: ___________

4. What type of community do you live in?

Inner city

5. Why did you think people choose to have an abortion?

_______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________

6. What is your view on abortion?
It is a personal choice of the mother
It’s a murder
Can only be done in case of a rape pregnancy
Most be done for medical purposes only

7. How do you would you describe the frequency of abortion in this country?
Rare prevalent very prevalent

8. Over which group do you think abortion is most prevalent?
High school girlsraped mother’s...
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