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Topics: Brand, Pepsi, Brand management Pages: 2 (546 words) Published: May 10, 2013
Mr. Silva
April 16, 2013
Analysis of Metaphor of Two Turkish Videos
Understanding the branding strategies of any company or business goes beyond the listing of a set of steps which can effectively summarize and target their buyers. The entire strategy of branding a product revolves around a company’s response to the changing dynamics of consumer psychology. In an effort to unscramble the complexities involved in the branding steps undertaken by the two Turkish commercials for Pepsi, both have a striking way to attract its consumers with its way on focusing on the young adults of this generation.

Since its launch, Pepsi has always targeted the youth segment. In the first Turkish Pepsi commercial, they have a World Music award winning pop singer Tarken, who targets the young youth of this generation. Tarken is known for his use of sexual and romantic themes in his work. With that as an advantage, Pepsi is able to target men and women, anywhere from their teens to young adults. In his commercial for Pepsi, he enters a villa alley way where the music begins to start up and a drummer begins to drum, attracting young children to come out and see what it is all about. As the drumming continues it attracts more young audience with a full band parade, which then turns into a huge a party. The success of the Turkish award winning pop artist, Pepsi has gone a long way in strengthening its brand value in the minds of the consumers. It is no secret that sex sells. The Pepsi Max commercial with Aysun Kayaci, produced is a prime example of how sexuality sells. Most of the actors in the Pepsi Max video are fashionably dressed males, between the ages of 18-25, with the exception of Aysun. She is dressed in a form-fitting white sequin dress that is normally seen on younger women in a nightclub. With her sex appeal setting a brand for Pepsi, it is targeting the young male adults in the society, stating that having a Pepsi Max will lead to a hot model at your...
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