Comparing Budweiser vs Absolout Advertising

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  • Published : March 5, 2013
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Living in the Western world makes us all consumers. On a daily basis we are faced with hundreds to thousands of advertisements, which are composed of forces, strategies, tactics and forces. We often rationalize our purchases by believing that our consumerism has been derived by the products utility. Unfortunately our purchases primarily stem from the fact that we have “bought the dream” of the product, as the famous Barnum claimed. Socializing and partying are two aspects which are rampant in large portion of university students lives. Alcohol consumption is a global cultural aspect; and corporations and advertisers are to businesses which aim to capitalize on the enormous market size; the alcoholic-beverage companies spend between $1 and $2 billion each year in the print and broadcast media to advertise their products. Together they develop campaigns to entice buyers to buy their products, through synergy and tactics such as narratives, celebrity endorsements, jingles and sex. In this paper I will prove that the strategies and tactics used in the Budweiser marketing campaigns are more effective in capturing the consumerism of a university student demographic than the ones demonstrated in the Absolut marketing campaigns. Budweiser originates from the United State s and is owned by Anheuser–Busch Traditionally Budweiser has used humorous ad campaigns, always featuring a male(s) in party atmospheres and always including several gorgeous women. Budweiser Ad’s cover numerous different Budweiser’s main demographic is males between the ages of 25-34; while there second largest is 18-24. The difference between the minimum and maximum ages listed is not that large, however the maturity level and life stages between those ages are. For this reason I feel that Budweiser has developed several products; Budweiser, Bud Light, Bud shots, and campaigns them in various ways to sell their product and it’s dream to their targeted audience. In order to advertise to their targeted audience different tactics and strategies are used, hence Budweiser incorporates varying tactics. Through analyzing I have determined that Budweiser ads nearly always combine narrative, slogan, sex and populism tactics. Their Suberbowl Prohibition ad uses narrative, populism and nature tactics to promote the brand as the most desirable beer available on the market. The history native infers that Budweiser has a historical tradition, that it has been the most popular beer for men in varying social classes for nearly a century and that it was the beer of choice to celebrate the end of prohibition. The ad also implies that the product has the characteristic of white magic; the bartender serving the beer along with the first patron to drink the beer are dressed in all white, and the carriage that the beer arrives in has a misplaced white Dalmatian standing on top of it. The entire town is witnessing and cheering this event, signifying the populism tactic that the product is attainable and enjoyed by the entire society. Budweiser incorporates nature into the ad by removing people from the current, technological world that we live in, into a simpler town that has a Western feel; which relates the ad back to the historical tactic. Observing the ad closely exposes that the two-fours of Budweiser are carried over each man’s head, reflecting the case of beer as a trophy-like; this is related to ad premiering on SuperBowl Sunday. This ad does not display the typical Budweiser ads which include sex and slogan. One of the best ads supporting these tactics would be Bud Camp. This synergy campaign incorporated several platforms print, broadcast media, social events and cyberspace to advertise an ultimate guy’s weekend. Budweiser used a combination of tactics to fulfill the various desires that males have; back to nature was fulfilled as the setting of the party was in the woods in cottage country, incorporating activities like swimming in the lake, having scenic views and...
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