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Analysis of the text “The Man of Destiny”
Bernard Shaw was the British writer, novelist, playwriter, Nobel laureate in literature, social worker. He was the second (after Shakespeare) the most popular playwriter in the English theatre. Genre variety in line with its wide emotional spectrum – from sarcasm to the elegiac meditation on the fate of people who are the victims of ugly public establishment. At the heart of the artistic method – a paradox as a means of over throwing the dogmatism and prejudice. The problem is how man can conceal his essence.

The main idea is human nature
The plot of the story centers round Napoleon Bonaparte. He arrested the lieutenant who must brought dispatches but it was stolen by Lady. When Lady came he demanded his dispatches. But there was private letter of his wife and this lady knew her and must take away this letter, but Napoleon caught them with the power. Lady began to prompt him that this private letter belonged to his wife where she wrote to his friend Barras. Napoleon knew it but he didn’t want to give out that he knew it, because only his wife helped him with friendship with Barras. And this Lady shows that Napoleon has lost his honor by his actions. The story is written in a 3rd person narration. The story interlaced with dialogues of the characters and in intervals of these dialogues we can see the remarks which show character’s emotions. Remarks are the main feature of B. Shaw. An account of events interwoven with description of Napoleon’s character, his relations with his wife and the others people. The prevailing mood is emotional, because the author use the remarks in which he describes emotions, also it may be dramatic This text can be divided into 5 logically complete parts:

First part starts with “A little inn in North Italy” and ends with “Come, lieutenant…”. It can be entitle as “Lieutenant’s attempts to disrobe Lady” Second part starts with “How can I thank you…” and ends with “… with as little ceremony...
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