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  • Published : December 20, 2012
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Chapter 8

1. To what extent did you geography encourage Greeks to venture into the Mediterranean Sea?

Greeks ventured in the Mediterranean Sea because Greece has a lot of islands and they are a Peninsula

2. In what ways did the colonies serve as links between Greece and the larger Mediterranean region?

They are all on the coast they are all close to the Mediterranean.

3. What would have been the economic and political advantage and disadvantages of each?

The economic advantages are that the empire is so big it bring a better economy the political advantage the more land the more power the political disadvantage they are so many people some will not agree with the ruler

4. In what ways did Roman expansion encourage interaction and exchanges throughout the Mediterranean region?

Roman expansion encouraged interaction s because for the most part they ruled the entire Mediterranean region. They encouraged because they were the only empire the trade with

5. How important was the Romans extensive network for the maintenance of their enormous empire?

It was extremely important considered that was the only source of population throughout the empire. Chapter 9

1. Consider the political and economic conditions that would be necessary for regular travel and trade across the Silk Road?

Politically you would need a source of law enforcement because the Silk Road travels through many different empires.

2. What social group were bowls like these made for?

The similarities that the Buddhism and Hinduism both followed the path of the Silk Road.

3. How might you account for the similarities?

Rivers played a factor as borders separating the North, South and West.

4. What geographical considerations might help explain why the Han Empire broke up into the three kingdoms shown here?

The Western Roman Empire wasn’t as power as the eastern therefor the can not enforce their laws.

5. In what ways...
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