“the Apple-Tree” by John Galsworthy

Topics: Metaphor, Friendship, Friends Pages: 2 (896 words) Published: December 14, 2011
The extract under consideration is a piece of a third person narration. However, it is not just a matter-of-fact account of events. You can find not a few pieces of description throughout the story. Thereby the finely wrought delineation of the characters and scenery is gained. Also there are quite a lot of dialogues in the story which are important in revealing a person’s inner state and overall atmosphere. On the whole, the prevailing tone of the extract appears to be rather romantic and elevated. This effect is caused by the description of the two friends Frank Ashurst and Robert Garton. The former is an idealistic and romantic young man full of absence. And the latter stands in contrast to his friend, being too practical. The author depicts him in a rather amusing way which can’t but evoke a smile on the reader’s face which adds to the gay atmosphere. Yet there is a suggestive symbol – a cuckoo which is a kind of warning of imminent tragedy. The author uses such stylistic device as foreshadowing. He drops a clue about what is to come in the story, which builds tension throughout the book. Thus the plot development is suggested by the word “pity”. It appears all of a sudden in the very first utterance and is very eloquent as well as its second repetition in Megan’s speech. All that creates a dramatic sense, In sum the plot of the story centres around two friends Frank Ashurst and Robert Garton who are on a tramp. They are on a rest and are about to set off and find some farm to put p but suddenly they see a girl coming down to them. The fiends ask her to put them up and she agrees to lead them to the farm she lives at. There they meet her aunt, she allows the young man to stay for the night and they go to a stream to bathe. The story proves to be very symbolic. The two friends are on a trip. Apart from its literal meaning it represents the life’s journey. Frank and Robert are at the beginning of it, what is to come in store for the men? Let’s take a closer...
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