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  • Published : December 9, 2012
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The character of the 21st century will be war-prone. It is not possible for mankind to renounce of organized violence. The nuclear threat is not banned, despite all the progress. The global society has a new warfare, which the soldier is replaced by hackers. Initial hopes for a world without war after the end of the Cold War were sadly disappointed. Although, initially the immediate threat to mankind was banished with an all-out nuclear missile war, but a large number of military conflicts and wars blew up on mankind in full force. Not only in Asia and Africa, wars have raged, it was brought back to Europe as well. The global society prepares for a possible revolution in warfare and military strategy because of the computer age. The computer becomes a weapon itself. Modern technologies allow changing missions; the society will be exposed to new and dangerous threats.

The history books are full of wars, peace treaties and new wars. It seems like a constant anthropological that people are always killing each other. Human aggression seems to be inevitable - not war. If we look at human nature, we find that aggression is expressed in completely different behaviors. Evolution has developed a broad spectrum. War is just one of many ways in which collectives can interact with each other. According to Mearsheim, “Some suggest that aggressors almost always lose. In the past, states that initiated war, however, won roughly 60 percent of the time” (Mearsheim 2001, 73). Wars are taking place today without rules and often with extreme brutality. The warring parties are seldom States, but more and more ethnic or religious groups, terrorists, and private armies or militias. Often actually, it is not entirely clear who is fighting against whom there and why. States want to raise their power in this world and as of that they will go back to organized violence. After the end of the "Cold War" instead of demilitarization, new militarization took place. Especially in the United...
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