Ielts Essay

Topics: Government of Japan, Nation, Unemployment Pages: 1 (330 words) Published: February 23, 2012
A country’s first duty to its citizens is to protect them. Therefore, it is logical that defence should take up a significant proportion of the national budget. In what extent do you agree or disagree. Being in safe, developed and prosperous country is the wish of any citizen all over the world. Therefore, a balance among defence, economics and education is essential. I, thus, do not totally agree with the point that government should spend a considerable proportion of budget for defence. Growing up and becoming powerful are the desire of any government and civilian. Economics and its development, therefore, are the first points to make dream come true. It is not difficult to understand as the more money you own, the more things you can do. Japan is a specific example. Instead of spending money for defence, they, after the second-war, focused on developing the economy. The Japanese government had more money to invest in education as well as social welfare for their civilians. By the way of consequences, the country was developed and become a powerful economy as it is now. In addition, the citizen’s lives are improved and climbed into one of the top high income nations. They’ve got exactly what they want. However, no one can deny that living in the safe side; in other words, having peaceful life is one of the most important things we all need. What happened in the past alarms us to consider. In fact, the major proportion of some countries’ budget in the world is for defence and what we can see is wars around the world are still happening. Nevertheless, without the development of economy and modern technology, we cannot do anything. Similarly, people will not need money when they are incapable to live. In conclusion, a balance among sectors is the best way for any nation. Understanding when and where need to be paid for will make the country become powerful and prosperous.
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