Threat: Present and Vivid Example

Topics: Present, World War II, Future Pages: 2 (366 words) Published: December 14, 2012

Nowadays it’s not a secret that the world is under a threat of many possible catastrophes. And the World War 3 is the most dangerous one. There are many reasons to begin this horrible war, but there are also solutions for preventing it.

The first motive for the World War 3 is misunderstandings. Today, almost every country has different political views and this is the most dangerous threat of the war. The vivid example of this is the present condition of Palestine and Israel. Another important fact of the possibility of future wars is misinterpretations in religions. The most demonstrative representative of this problem is terrorists. It’s well known that terrorism came from arguments and misunderstandings in religions and that it frightens every country. The attack on the 11th of September in New York was terrorists’ first big statement about themselves. So in the future, there is no guarantee that terrorists won’t rise against the whole world.

Moreover, the next world war may be caused by the lack of natural resources. People’s most needed resources such as oil and gas are estimated to last another 5 or 6 decades. So there is possibility that in the future countries may start fighting with each other for resources.

On the other side, there are also many possible ways of preventing the war. The first way of it is educating people to be kinder and more tolerant to each other. People should learn to cooperate more. For the purpose of it, people need creating more organizations like UNO. The second way is the help of rich countries for poor ones. For example, countries of Africa are considered to be very poor, but they have the best conditions for producing solar energy. Countries such as the USA, Russia and China could help them with necessary technology, so they could improve their economy.

In conclusion I want to say that before thinking about the war, people had better think about its devastating consequences. As Albert Einstein said “I...
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