An Innocent Lost

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  • Published : August 13, 2012
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An Innocent Lost

A child’s ability to trust and hope are so important to their innocence, and yet like so many other important things they are not treated with the care necessary to keep them alive. An innocent, trusting child will walk up to anyone on the street and believe they cannot nor will never hurt them in any way. Unfortunately, all too often that part of them gets pulverized into dust. Our parents try to teach us there are no monsters, trying to protect us from the ugly truths that life holds. They never really lie to us, there are no monsters under our beds or hiding in our closets. Tragically some children are forced to face the appalling truths, fiends do exist and they look just like people. I was one that had to grow up much too soon and face the facts of those monsters, I learned the worst truth possible, and like a glass globe that is dropped, my world was shattered into a million pieces as the answers to my fears were delivered in anger. My entire self was dismembered, and for too long those horrors had complete control. Today was just like any other summer day when my mom took me to my babysitter’s (Bonnie) house, except for the fact of the rain falling in great sheets, and even in the early morning hours it almost seemed to be getting dark. Until that is, the lightning flashed across the sky illuminating everything in it harsh light, then the thunder rumbled all around us roaring in our ears and shaking my entire little world. “Momma, are Penny and Renee coming home soon? I’m getting bored playing alone and Penny is the only one that can make my puppet (actually it was a marionette) do and say anything.” I had been pestering her for the last three weeks since my two best friends had just disappeared one night walking to the Bi-Rite two blocks from our houses. “Yes sweetheart, they will be home soon,” she sounded kind of funny and when I looked, she had a tear running down her cheek. Just as I was about to ask why, we had pulled up in front...
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